Frequently asked questions about home warranties

Whether you are purchasing a new home, already an exisiting homeowner or thinking about buying a new home. It's important for you to understand what you are getting yourself into. AHS is home warranty company that wants to make sure that you are making the best decision for you home, family and budget.

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Why Choose American Home Shield?
AHS invented the home warranty business and leads the nation in the home warranties and claims serviced.

The mission of AHS is simple. Improve the lives of our customers by providing convenient, flexible, repair and maintenance solutions.
What exactly is a home warranty?
A home warranty is a renewable service contract that is crafted to protect your budget from unexpected repairs to appliance and other home system components that breakdown over time. A home warranty not only covers the repairs, But the costly expenses from everyday appliance and home systems failure.
What appliances does a home warranty cover?
Home warranties cover different appliances and home systems in different areas of the country. Enter your zip code below to find what's covered in your area.
Where can I find a home warranty?
Finding a home warranty is easy! Enter your zip code below.
Do I pay a fee when I request service?
Yes you do. A small service fee is applied when your repair is made. Typically a small fee is charged to your account. The fee usually ranges from $75 - $125 depending on your home warranty plan.
How much does a home warranty cost?
Getting a free quote is easy. The cost of a home warranty varies by your specific location. Contact AHS today to get local pricing in your area.