Is A Home Warranty Worth Your Money?

A home warranty is so much more than making sure that you are covered from unexpected repair bills from failed appliances.

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Unless you are purchasing a brand new home built by a builder, a home warranty from American Home Shield© is worth every penny. The typical warranty covers all of the systems within the walls of the home. All you have to do is make a simple service call for covered systems or appliances and AHS will take care of the rest. AHS offers the best home warranty plans in the business, and as long as your plan is active - you’re covered. Making the monthly payments far outweighs the unexpected repair bills that can come with homeownership.

There are some important tips to consider when you are purchasing a home warranty

How much coverage is too much?

How much coverage is just right?

When you first started your search to purchase a home warranty, you probably had a good idea of the components you wanted to cover. Whatever your case may be, it’s important to know ahead of time what you want to cover. A good idea is to make a list of items you want covered before you start asking for home warranty quotes.

Try getting your quote by phone. That way you can detailed answers to your questions on the spot. Never underestimate the value of talking to someone before you buy. Coverage for your home may be a simple matter. But if your home is larger than normal, you will need to tell a home warranty company beforehand.

Your home’s square footage is one aspect of which can increase or decrease the price of a home warranty. Another thing to consider is the relative value of your appliances. Are they high end or average cost? Make sure to cover these topics with the salesperson that you speak with. Particularly if you have appliances that cost more to replace or repair. If you forget to ask about square footage limits or other limitations. You could be in for an unpleasant surprise when you make your service call.

Along with not forgetting to ask about coverage for items that are not considered standard. There are a few things you need to have checked off in order to get the right home warranty coverage for your home:

Square Footage

Items you need to cover

Are your appliances high end?

Living Space

Some home warranty companies will allow you to add items such as electrical wiring, plumbing or roof materials. But you have to ask, because not all salespeople will mention them. If you’re ready to get the best home warranty possible. Contact AHS today!